Long-term wealth creation for foundations

When supervising foundations, the central task is to ensure that as much of the existing assets as possible can be used to fulfil the foundation's purpose. We have excellent knowledge in this field and are therefore an ideal partner for foundations.
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The preferred partner for nonprofit organizations

It is no coincidence that Tareno AG counts numerous foundations among its asset management clients. We are well aware that a well-defined investment strategy and strict cost control can generate significant added value. In addition, we consider the social benefit of foundations to be very relevant and therefore strive to enter into an attractive cost model with them.

This is the basis of our investment success


We stick to the core satellite approach: core investments make up the strategic part of our investments and reflect market performance, satellite investments are used to seize short-term and tactical opportunities.

Orientation towards the foundation's purpose

Thanks to a flexible investment strategy, we can respond to the specific requirements of your foundation.
Upon request, we also offer highly customized impact investing in accordance with the foundation's purpose.Stiftungszweck.


As an independent institution, we have no conflicts of interest in the choice of investments.
We do not accept any form of retrocession.


We are committed to sustainable investment strategies and the implementation of internal climate protection measures.
Depending on the purpose of the foundation, this allows us to address your environmental and social goals.
For this purpose, we have developed our own ESG principles (ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance) and also have a certified ESG specialist in our team.

Foundation expertise for more than 20 years