Sustainable investments make sustainable businesses

We at Tareno AG are committed to sustainability. Not only in terms of our services, but also because we are driven by this principle in our day-to-day business.
Bild Wasser

We embrace our responsibility

This applies to both environmental and social aspects and is exemplified by being a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance. We also participate in various initiatives with the aim of improving disclosure standards. And we regularly benefit from in-house training by our ESG specialist.


Bild Wasser

A sustainable investment means a better investment

ESG (short for investments that meet certain environmental, social and governance criteria) is currently the talk of town. At Tareno AG, however, they have been playing an important role for quite some time. We employ a specialist for ESG investments in our team and our portfolio management always follows our sustainability guidelines.


Bild Wasser

For the eco-conscious: The “Climate-friendly” investment solution

We are the first independent asset manager in Switzerland to launch an investment solution that only invests in companies which comply fully with the Paris Climate Agreement.


Bild Wasser

For future-oriented people: The “Water” investment solution

Water is both a basic commodity and an exciting investment theme. With our investment solution of the same name, we focus on innovative companies in this area.


As an ESG specialist, I help ensure that each client's investments are aligned with their respective values. With our sustainable investment solutions, together we can contribute to a more sustainable world and create innovations for a better future.
Katja Ackermann
ESG Analyst