Steady as the Rhine, innovative as its ways

In our search for a visual world that suits us, we quickly landed on the longest river in Switzerland. Here you can find out what Tareno AG has in common with it.
Bild Rheinschlucht von oben

A picture says more than 1000 words

Images arouse emotions, remind us of situations from the past or make us dream of the future. But these impressions are by no means universal, because every viewer perceives them differently. So at first it seemed a challenging task to find a motif that reflected the character of our company. But in the end it was easier than we thought, because our name, our origins, our mission and our values served as reliable signposts.

Our name: The founding members of Tareno AG were really creative: They decided on a name that refers to the location Basel and at the same time has a reference to their last names. So Tareno is an artificial name, but it also contains the Italian word Reno (in German: Rhein). A rather elegant way to express the connection to one's hometown, we think.
Our origins: Tareno AG is a Swiss SME. Accordingly, down-to-earthness and long-termism play a central role in both our corporate strategy and asset management. The former is commonly associated with the local population, and the latter certainly applies to the Rhine, which is said to have been formed around 15 million years ago.
Our mission: Despite our closeness to tradition, we focus on inventiveness and change. That is why our most important mission is to constantly innovate and keep our finger on the pulse. In doing so, we move like water making its own way to avoid obstacles that have accumulated in the riverbed.
Our values: We are proud of our independence, because thanks to it we can advise our clients free of conflicts of interest. In addition, we always strive to give our best and are happy to go the famous extra mile to do so. The flexibility we show in doing so can be compared to that of a flowing body of water.

The photographer

Jürg Kaufmann, born in 1968 in Thun and raised in the Bernese Oberland as well as in Ticino, is an accomplished corporate and outdoor photographer with a passion for the sea and the mountains. His portfolio includes captivating nature shots as well as highly polished and stylized studio work.



The Making Of

After the motif for our imagery was decided, we started planning the series “From the source of the Rhine to Basel” together with Jürg Kaufmann.

Over a period of 3 months, a total of 21 photos were created, which are now used on our website and for the other communication measures of Tareno AG.


Our locations


Source of the Rhine

The source of the Rhine is in Lake Toma, or Lai da Tuma, in the middle of the Grisons mountains. The water that flows from there into the depths marks the beginning of this impressive connection between the Alps and the North Sea.

Rhine Gorge

The Rhine Gorge, called Ruinaulta in Rhaeto-Romanic, is located near Reichenau and Ilanz. It is hardly surprising that it is often referred to as the Swiss Grand Canyon, since it is considered one of the most spectacular landscapes in Switzerland - and that is saying something!

Rhine Delta

On the eastern shore of Lake Constance, the Rhine has formed a river delta in the former lake basin. This unique nature reserve extends from the Austrian state of Vorarlberg to the canton of St. Gallen.

Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen is one of the most visited sights in our country. And this is no wonder, considering that it is one of the three largest waterfalls in Europe.


Lifeline, gateway to the world, popular local recreation area and a veritable alternative to every swimming pool far and wide - the Rhine is all this and much more for the people of Basel.