Our funds: The simple investment for assets under CHF 1 million

We offer three options for investments of less than one million Swiss francs. In addition to our two theme funds, the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund and the CHARISMA Fund, our clients also have access to a strategy funds, the Global Income Fund.

Invest in actively managed funds

Unlike passive funds, which are oriented towards various indices, the actively managed counterparts are managed by professional fund managers who take care of the selection of shares or bonds. That is why you always have two advantages with our products: Our systematic assessments and the expertise of people who really understand how things work.

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The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund

An equity fund dedicated to a vital commodity: The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund focuses exclusively on companies that contribute to the achievement of SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation”.



The Schweizer Aktienperlen Fund

The Schweizer Aktienperlen Fund has set itself the goal of identifying companies with exceptional quality and above-average growth prospects from the broad spectrum of Swiss equities.




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The CHARISMA (LI) Fund – Global

Is it possible to combine social commitment and profitable investments? You can, with our CHARISMA Fund, whose income from beneficial interest is donated to charitable projects.


Which fund is right for me?

If you want to buy a fund, you should first consider your investment horizon. That's why we establish right at the beginning whether you want to invest your money for an indefinite period of time or only until you have larger expenses. We will also discuss your risk tolerance and your value expectations. In addition to the Fixed Income strategy Fund, our theme funds, such as the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund or the CHARISMA Fund, may also be a good option for your portfolio.