On track with a discretionary mandate

Financial developments and wild waters have one thing in common: In both cases, you should not only go with the flow. When it comes to your assets, we are happy to take over the corrective function - based on your ideas and your investment strategy.
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The strategy that suits you

When you give us a discretionary mandate, you have five investment concepts to choose from: “Classic”, “Dividend”, “Water” and “Climate-friendly”. They are all available in the reference currencies CHF, EUR, GBP and USD and in up to five different risk characteristics. This means you can choose the equity component so it matches your personal need for security.


Asset management with the core-satellite approach

At the core of every asset we manage is a passive component of exchange-traded funds, known as ETFs. We combine this with satellite investments which are designed to seize opportunities. As a result, you enjoy maximum security, but can still benefit from tactical opportunities within the context of our asset management.

Which investment type are you?

The "Classic" discretionary mandate

Our "Classic" investment solution is suitable for all those who wish to participate in the growth of the international financial markets without limiting themselves to countries, sectors and investment vehicles. An important aspect is diversification. Furthermore, all investments are liquid and are based on your risk profile.

The "Dividend" discretionary mandate

Would you like to generate income with your assets? Then the "Dividend" investment solution is made for you. When choosing shares for this purpose, we pay special attention to the amount and consistency of the dividends, price volatility and solid balance sheets.

The discretionary mandate "Water"

The investment solution "Water" is especially suitable for investors who would like to set a special focus in addition to an existing mandate. It allows you to invest globally in listed companies that are involved in the development and the commercialisation of solutions to solve water scarcity and water related stress.

The "Climate-friendly" discretionary mandate

The protection of our planet is important to you? If so, we have good news for you: The "Climate-friendly" investment solution allows you to set a corresponding focus. This solution invests exclusively in companies that are in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our wealth managers

Are you looking for someone you can trust entirely in asset management matters? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because that applies to our relationship managers. What’s best about it: We let you choose your personal relationship manager.