Invest your vested benefits account profitably

Unlike your pension fund assets, you can invest the capital in your vested benefits account as you wish. In doing so, we ensure that the investments you choose are in line with your overall strategy.

Reasons for opening a vested benefits account

You are temporarily or for a longer period out of employment.
You leave Switzerland.
You become self-employed.
You have changed employer and cannot contribute the entire amount to the new pension fund.
You are entitled to a part of your partner's pension fund assets as part of divorce proceedings.
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Our services

Professional management of your vested benefits assets by our expert advisors
A structured and disciplined investment process within the BVV2 standards
Ongoing risk control based on your individual needs

Your benefits

Extended range of investment options within the BVV2 standards, which also include direct investments
Ideal matching of your vested benefits assets with your freely disposable assets and their investment
Independent investment advice (best-in-class approach)
Regular reports providing information regarding the performance of your assets
BVV2 performance relative to liquidity in CHF

Properly invested vested benefits

A yield-oriented strategy can pay off twice, since you do not have to pay taxes on the gains you make from investing your vested benefits. However, if the withdrawal from your pension fund is only temporary, a low-risk strategy is a good option in order to compensate short-term price fluctuations.

Water that flows is rich in good properties; if it ceases to flow, they are lost.
Ibn Kalakis, 12. century
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Turn your vested benefits account into an investment!

Our experienced advisors analyse your individual pension situation together with you and offer you tailor-made solutions.