The investment philosophy of Tareno AG

We have a rigorous investment process to which we stick when investing your assets. In other words, we can explain every decision to you. Our investment philosophy, which is based on the following principles, is at the heart of everything we do:
chart Our Investment Philosophy: Independence, Liquidity, Continuity, Diversification, Individuality, Quality, Sustainability

Our principles

When we develop your personal investment strategy, we take into account your asset situation, current and future commitments, your risk profile and your return expectations. In doing so, we always strive for quality, continuity, independence, individuality, liquidity and diversification. In addition, sustainability is also a key focus for us when it comes to investments.


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For equities, we use our proven scoring model.
For fixed-income investments, we focus on security.


We focus on long-term market development.
We do not follow short-lived trends.
Our portfolio management team brings many years of experience and a low turnover.


When choosing your investment products, we always maintain neutrality and follow the best-in-class approach.
We have no conflicts of interest as we do not accept any kind of retrocessions.


With the core-satellite approach, we combine active with passive management and are driven by your wishes and ideas besides reference indices.
Your individual needs are always at the heart of our work.


We invest exclusively in liquid assets.


We allocate your assets across different investment regions and classes, adopting a diverse range of investment styles.


We are a member of UN PRI for sustainable and responsible investing.
ESG criteria are an essential component of our entire investment process.
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