Water - a sustainable investment

With its investments, the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund aims to ensure that water is less used and above all less polluted. The focus here is on companies that work in the field of water supply and water treatment. Therefore, the fund acts as a sustainable investment for all those who are committed to preserve this vital resource.

Invest sustainably, invest in water

Water is the elixir of life on our planet and for this reason a valuable raw material. However, due to increasing demand and constant supply, this precious commodity is becoming increasingly scarce. The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund invests worldwide in companies that develop and produce commercialised products and technologies for a more sustainable and efficient use of water. The positioning of these companies with regard to social and environmental issues play also a decisive factor in the selection process.

Please find detailed information about our sustainability approach and our commitment in our annual Sustainability Report.

The features of our sustainable investment

Our fund contributes to the achievement of SDG 6 "Clean water and sanitation".

Our fund has the FNG label since 2019. For 2024, we received the prestigious award for the first time with the highest rating of 3 stars.

Our fund is Article 9 SFDR classified and therefore complies with the highest standards of the EU Disclosure Regulation.

Our fund was awarded the ISR label by the French government in 2023.

In the investment process, sustainability plays an important role at various levels.

Our fund contributes to Goal 3 of the EU taxonomy "Sustainable Use of Water Resources".

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The Impact Share Class of the Water Fund

For all those who would like to make a social difference in addition to their commitment to the environment, we have launched the Impact Share Class. With this class, a total of 25% of the management fee flows into charitable projects that provide people in developing countries with access to clean drinking water. This way, your investment makes a real difference – for the earth and for its inhabitants.

Impact KPIs

Our selected KPIs include all projects that have been funded since the launch of the Impact Share Class in January 2021.

CHF 47'000 total donations

5'700 people with access to clean drinking water

34'500 litres of treated water per day

Data as of 31.12.2023

Impact Projects

Here you can find an overview of the realised projects which have been financed with the donations from the Impact Share Class.

Drinking Water System Guatemala

Water Filter System Nepal

WATA Kit Cameroon

Water treatment plant Tanzania


Would you like to learn more about our sustainability strategy or impact projects?

Our fund manager and ESG analyst Katja Von Krannichfeldt looks forward to hearing from you.