An equity fund shaped by water

Water is life - with our equity fund you have the chance to focus your investment on those companies that are working on a solution to address its scarcity.
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Why investing in water makes sense

Humanity depends on a variety of resources to ensure its survival. One of them is water. In order to protect water sustainably, the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund invests in companies that develop and commercialise products and technologies for a better use of water. However, we would like to mention that we do not invest in drinking water in any way.

Investing in the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund: a very effective and important decision for your portfolio as well as for our planet.
Jean-Claude Biver
Entrepreneur and investor

Our fund contributes to the achievement of SDG 6 "Clean water and sanitation".

Our fund contributes to Goal 3 of the EU Taxonomy "The sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources".

Our fund is classified Article 9 SFDR. It thus meets the highest standards of the Disclosure Regulation.

We are the only water fund with the FNG label.

With the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund, you are investing in the future, because water scarcity and water quality are issues that have enormous relevance on a global scale.
Albert M. Baehny
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geberit AG and Advisory Board Member of the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund

Performance and Documents

This is how the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund has performed since its launch in 2007.

Source: Tareno Asset Management

Note: Fund launch in September 10, 2007. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Performance shown excludes all commissions and expenses charged.

An excellent equity fund

The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund has already received several awards and ratings.

Share classes of our water fund

The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund is available in different share classes. Find out which one is right for you.

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The Impact share class of our water fund

For all those who, in addition to their commitment to the environment, also want to make a difference in society, we have launched the Impact share class. With this class, 25% of the management fees flow into charity projects that provide people in developing countries access to clean drinking water. This means that your investment makes a real difference – for the earth and the people.


These are the characteristics of the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund


Model-based investment approach
Bottom-up driven title selection with qualitative top-down component in the portfolio construction

«All Weather»

Benchmark-agnostic bias that focuses on the most promising investments
Heterogeneous investment universe: from defensive water utilities to cyclical industrial stocks from a broad range of sectors and regions


Short decision-making processes
Quick reaction to market changes
Rapid implementation of decisions


Direct and personal access to fund management
Permanent investment team
Focus on this fund


A sustainability score developed specifically for this fund
FNG certified and SFDR Article 9
Impact share class

Expert knowledge

Water pioneers in Switzerland: Specialised in water equities since 2000
Regular award for our achieved performance

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Our team in the name of water

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